IT Services

If any of the below questions sounds familiar … Blue Oak IT consultancy can help!

IT Management
(ref. Clozdloop, Hasco Invest)
cost: €120/h

Project & Program Management
(ref. Baxter, Hasco Invest)
cost: €120/h

  • Looking for a pragmatic project manager?
  • Is your organisation flooded with too many projects? And you can’t keep a good overview?
  • Your project managers don’t use the same methodology?

Business Liaison 
(ref. Gambro BCT, Clozdloop)
cost: €75/h

  • Are your projects outcome not what you expected?
  • Does your IT organisation not understand business needs?
  • Do you need a translator who speaks both “business” and “IT”?

IT Support & Service Delivery
(ref. Gambro BCT, Clozdloop)
cost: €75/h

  • Does your IT support not meet your needs or you need an extra pair of hands to cover your IT infrastructure or system support?
  • Is your IT infrastructure the bottleneck of your organisation?
  • Do you need an outsiders ITIL view on the way your IT services are managed?

Social Media Partner
(ref. Streisant, luxe 2de handsMastercar)
cost: €75/h

  • You’ve got social media pages, but the content is outdated?
  • Do you require time, advise or support the setup and grow your online awareness?

Training & Education 
(ref. Syntra Limburg)
cost: €75/h

  • Are you looking for a freelance trainer in Microsoft technologies or networking?
  • Do you have good systems in place, but the end-user community only use a fraction of its capabilities?

In all of the above areas Blue Oak can help you. Feel free to contact us on or +32478563489